How to use safety eyes

Safety eyes are plastic bulbs that help give some character and life to your amigurumi, crochet stuffed toys. Safety eyes are easy to attach but difficult to remove. They come in multiple shapes, colors, and sizes. They’re measured in millimeters, which represent the diameter of the eye.

Safety eyes aren’t safe for children younger than 3 years old, or pets. If you don’t want to use safety eyes, simply embroider them on instead.

safety eye parts - bead and washer

Safety eyes come with a bead and washer. The washer keeps the eye in place.

safety eye inserted between 2 stitches

Before stuffing your amigurumi, insert the bead between 2 stitches, with the right side of your work facing you.

inside of work with bead

Turn the piece over so you can see the end of the bead.

washer on bead shaft, flat side facing bead head

Place the washer, flat side toward your piece, onto the bead.

push washer and bead together

Place the safety eye on a table and push down on the washer with both thumbs, so that it cinches the fabric evenly.



💡If you’re having trouble putting the safety eye into the fabric, try making a hole in the fabric with a wider crochet hook first.

💡Put a magazine between your safety eye and table, to prevent unwanted dents in your table.