How to embroider on crochet

If an amigurumi piece has embroidered details, it’s usually the very last step. This tutorial walks you through how to start and end any embroidery securely, and with no yarn tails visible.

threaded needle inserted in and out of piece

1. Thread a tapestry needle with the yarn or thread you’ll be embroidering with. Insert it into the piece, and out again through another point in the piece.

yarn in piece with 6 inches of tail left

2. Pull the yarn through and leave enough of a tail – about 6 inches will do – so that you’ll be able to comfortably thread the yarn tail later.

pull needle out of samepoint where it originally went in

3. When you’re done with your embroidery, take the needle out of your piece through the same point as the yarn tail.

both yarn tails trimmed to the same length

4. Take the needle off, and trim the yarn to the same length as the first yarn tail.

tie a knot with yarn tails

5. Tie a knot with the two ends.

needle with both yarn tails threaded through it, being woven in

6. Thread the needle with both yarn tails. Insert it in the same point that the yarn tails come out of the piece, and out of the other side of the piece. Tug as hard as needed to hide the knot inside the piece.